We're the parents' association for PWS affected, families, friends, acquaintances as well as medical attendands, experts and doctors

The Prader-Willi-Syndrome Association Switzerland was founded in 1991. Meanwhile the association counts over 100 members, two thirds of them families with affected children.

The PWS Association Switzerland periodically publishes information material, runs a citation and organizes multiple meetings each year to to convey information but also to allow affected an families to get in touch with each other.

Our intend is to enhance the living situation of PWS affected, by helping to create residental and work offerings in switzerland suitable to PWS affected.

Objectives of the Association

  • Information and counseling for affected families
  • Exchange of experiences for affected
  • Connecting affected and specialists
  • Information for doctors, attendands and therapists
  • Public relations
  • Support and coordination of initiatives
  • Support for research in the field of PWS
  • Aiding collaboration of domestic and foreign organizations concerning PWS

The association finances its work from member fees and donations.
The steering committee is working in an honorary capacity.


Donation account of the Prader-Willi-Syndrome Association Switzerland

Prader-Willi-Syndrom Vereinigung

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